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 Gardener's Comments:
Scientific Name: Sun: Shade with some sun Time of Flowering:
Zone: to 50 degrees Height: Width:
Description One of the most beautiful varieties among all ferns for its large beautiful upright bushy fronds and sword shaped leaves. Care: Fertilize every 2 to 4 months; keep soil moist, but do not let it stand in water. Planting:
Pruning: Spacing: Year Planted: 2010
April 5, 2014:  There was some heavy freezes this winter that really knocked the ferns back.  I had to just about completely take up almost all of these ferns.

June 2010: This is replacing some of the ferns that had the fungus infection.  -- Sam

Between the parking apron and the anti-hog fence is a very small patch of ground.  We wanted something to occupy that ground and breakup the fence a bit.  So, we bought 2 Kimberly Queen ferns, divided each into 3 parts and planted them.  Here is a photo of the result. 

One of the reasons for picking this fern was its name, "Kimberly".  After all, she and Dianne made the original design.

Interestingly enough, these ferns are exposed to about 3 hours of direct sun every afternoon from about 3:00 to 6:00 and they are still doing quite well.

4/17/12:  Had to pull a bunch of "volunteers" out.  They had invaded some azaleas and other plants.  They are prolific!

Sam: 1/10/11:  They are still alive! Even after several freeze snaps.  Some of the fronds have died, but the plant still looks very good.

9/8/10:  These are doing very, very well on both sides of the gate to the back yard. 

3/5/11:  Purchased 3 (small) more ferns to go between the palm tree and the fence in the back yard.  The ones along the fence and the parking apron are doing really, really well and sending out new growth and expanding.

8/2/11: The plants are spreading so that I have taken up about 7 "volunteers" and planted them along the fence near the fountain. 

9/15/11: The transplanted "volunteers" are doing well.  The original growth went kind of sickly, but new fronds came up and are doing quite well.

10/3/11:  Had to de-fern several places in the back yard.  The ferns had multiplied and were taking over several other plantings.  Hated to do it, but gave a lot of them away. 

Good general information on ferns is found at Santa Rosa Tropicals web site.


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